Friday, 19 March 2010

Vowel please, Rachel. And another. And another*

I'd forgotten what a fantastic song Freeez's IOU was, until hearing it again on the radio the other day. In fact it was so good that, after peaking at #2 in the UK charts in 1983, a slightly pointless remix of it (featuring some rather cursory scratching at the start and not much else to set it apart from the original), earnt the song another visit to the top 20 again just three and a half years later. Well I never.

And just check out the video! It's an 80s obsessive's dream! BMXs, robotics, body popping (unless robotics and body popping are actually the same thing; I was never quite sure), beatboxes (and cassettes!), the keytar, a hi-slung bass and those silly wraparound shades are all very much to the fore. To paraphrase Nigel Tufnel: how much more eighties could this video be? None. None more eighties.

Freeez - I.O.U. mp3

*I'm missing Countdown - which has been cruelly usurped by the Cheltenham Festival on Channel 4 - at the moment. Can you tell?


Mick said...

I had this on 12-inch back then but a friend 'borrowed' it and I haven't seen it since. I thought the bit where the vowels are sung individually, presumably on an Emulator, was amazing at the time. I like 'U' best.

davy h said...

Will this tide you over?

Kippers said...

Oh that's no good - she only puts six letters up then it loops back to the beginning!

A salutary tale, there, Mick. Never lend anyone your records: they'll screw you over every time.

Mick said...

Tell me about it - the bastard's also got my Penthouse and Pavement 12-inch and Isley Brothers Forever Gold LP. Davy, that link made Windows Explorer crash.

davy h said...

Sorry chaps, I didn't reckon on you being distracted by 1) the letters 2) PC probs. My mind was elsewhere.

Word verif - slagov

Simon said...

I have this on 12" too!