Thursday, 22 April 2010

Past masters

Definitely one of the greatest pop songs of the past few years, this. Nice video too. (That goldfish is going to need a bigger bowl - or preferably an aquarium - though.)

The Lodger - The Good Old Days mp3

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: The Lodger are a contemporary Leeds three-piece and should never be confused with short-lived late-90s Britpoppers Lodger who featured, among others, Danny Goffey from Supergrass, and no definite article.

Similarly, the The Lodger song The Good Old Days should never be confused with the erstwhile long-running BBC light entertainment programme of the same name which recreated the atmosphere of an authentic Victorian-Edwardian music hall and which used to depress the hell out of you every Sunday night when you were a child.


Mick said...

They should have had acts like this on The Good Old Days - it might have made it bearable. They could have closed the show with Down at the Old Bull and Bush.

or perhaps not

Too Much said...
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Kippers said...

And dressed as Pearly Kings, obviously.

After l;iterally secopnds of searching I've found this clip of a superannuated Arthur Askey on the Good Old Days:

This show's even stranger than I remember!

Mick said...

Boy he's in his element there. Artur Askey invents OI! (and somehow gets away with singing the same song twice).

Mildly interesting Mick fact: Whenever I'm doing something badly, say losing a video game against the kids, I say "I'm playing like Arthur Askey today" which usaully baffles people. I nicked it from an XTC outtake that cracked me up where Andy Partridge says "You're playing guitar like Arthur Askey today!"

Worryingly I have a similar silly west country accent.

Kippers said...

Of course you'd never have got Andy Partridge on The Good Old Days, what with his crippling stage fright and all. Not exactly MTV Unplugged!