Thursday, 8 April 2010

This charmless man

A typically graceless response from Sir Alex Ferguson in the wake of Manchester United's latest hilarious elimination from the Champions' League last night, the bolshie Scot bemoaning his team's bad luck and branding the victorious Bayern Munich team "Typical Germans" for their on-field behaviour. This is what he had to say about Manchester United full-back Rafael's second yellow card:

They got him sent off," he said. "There's no doubt about that and they would have never won if we had 11 men. He [Rafael] is a young boy, inexperienced and there's a bit of immaturity about what happened but they got him sent off. Typical Germans."

So, that's a team full of "typical Germans" like the Belgian defender Daniel van Buyten, Mark van Bommel and Arjen Robben from the Netherlands, Argentina's Martin DeMichelis, Croatia's Daniel Pranjic and Ivica Olic, the French Franck Ribery and Turkey's Hamit Altintop. Oh, and they're managed by another Dutchman, Louis van Gaal. But then no one ever claimed that any of Ferguson's rants-as-deflection-tactics were supposed to make any sense. Typical Englishman.

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Anonymous said...

"Typical Englishman" - excellent! [inserts thumbs up icon]

drew said...

Always thought he was a bit of a cunt and you can have him as yours, he's been south of the border long enough to count as English, surely?

ally. said...

especialy dreadful next to the arsenals gracious 'they were better than us' 'messi is a genius' response.

sadly my lovely but useless pne have got his wife beating son on board

Kippers said...

Anon: You're too kind.

drew: We don't want him!

ally: I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that Ferguson jr doesn't manage to get two clubs relegated from the same division in the same season.