Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Three new songs from Marit Bergman

Well, one of them's a cover version, but you get my drift. Marit says that "these are the last songs that I will be releasing for a long time" and adds, mysteriously, that she'll be concentrating on unspecified other projects for the time being. Suppose we'd better make the most of these, then.

Marit Bergman - He Will Never Be Your Boyfriend mp3

Marit Bergman - Free Falling (Tom Petty cover)

Marit Bergman - Hunting mp3 (right click)

Actually, this gives me an excuse to feature one of my favourite YouTube clips, in which Marit joins Jennie Abrahamsson and Frida Hyvönen backstage before a show in New York, where the trio perform an A cappella version of the latter's Birds, in front of a make-up mirror. Bloody magic, this is!

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Sarah Allen said...

Hi, I'm searching for an mp3 version of He Will Never Be Your Boyfriend (one of my favorite songs, I heard it a few years ago on YouTube and still remember how much I liked it), but I haven't been able to find one. Do you happen to know where/how I could download a copy? Thanks!