Friday, 7 May 2010

Three of a Kind #104

For all those people - politicians, party workers, vote counters, broadcasters, pundits and TV viewers alike - who stayed up all night monitoring the election. And still you didn't get a definitive outcome. Bet you're feeling pre-tty silly now, eh? Me, I slept like a log.

(With apologies to any actual insomniacs reading this.)

Madder Rose - Sleep, Forever mp3

Echobelly - Insomniac mp3

The Darlings (Allo Darlin') - You Shook Me All Night Long mp3


drew said...

I wish Elizabeth would re release You Shook Me All Night Long an mp3 is ok but vinyl would be so much better.

drew said...

I forgot to say, have a good weekend Kippers.

Kippers said...

Thanks man. You too.

Spike said...

Songs about not sleeping are great! It makes me want to stay up all night making a mixtape full of them!

Kippers said...

Get to bed!