Sunday, 16 May 2010

Weaver only just begun

A couple of fantastic but largely ignored 1998 singles from Jane Weaver today. Here is everything I know (i.e. have just found out by Googling) about Jane Weaver:

Despite hailing from Liverpool, Jane released her early singles on Rob Gretton's Manchester Records label. Controversial.

Prior to going solo Jane was in Britpop hopefuls Kill Laura. I'd not actually heard of them before tonight though so don't know if they were much cop.

She's married to DJ Andy Votel, and has worked alongside the likes of Doves, Elbow and Badly Drawn Boy.

She has released three albums to date: Like An Aspen Leaf (2002), Seven Day Smile (2006) and Cherlokalate (2007).

Her middle name is Louise.

She has a MySpace page here.

Apologies for the factual yet strangely (or not) uninspired nature of this post, by the way. Please do give the songs a go though as - unlike my earnest typings - they are dead good.

Jane Weaver - Scream & Shout mp3

Jane Weaver - Cupboard Love mp3

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