Monday, 14 June 2010

More World Cup shows (good ones this time)

ITV may have plumbed the depths with their venture into light-hearted World Cup spin-off programming this time round, but the spirit of Baddiel & Skinner's old Fantasy Football programmes lives on in other parts of the world. Places like Australia, for example, where SBS are running the splendid nightly half-hour show Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever presented by amiable funny types Santo Cilauro, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang. This programme really is a breath of fresh air, and best of all, thanks to the wonders of the interweb, we can watch it in other territories too, at this rather fantastic blog, where all episodes to date are gathered in a one-click, embedded YouTube stylee. Marvellous.

Baddiel & Skinner themselves, meanwhile, are doing regular podcasts for Absolute Radio during the World Cup, just in case you hadn't heard. These are very good also, as you might expect.

Completing what appears to have turned into a bit of a round-up, I'd also highly recommend the Guardian's World Cup Daily podcasts with James Richardson and various journos from said newspaper. But then you probably already knew about those as well. I'm just wasting everybody's time here really, aren't I?

Righto, bedtime I think. Big day tomorrow. Many football matches and related shows to enjoy! I think I might be going a bit dotty with the excitement of it all you know.

EDIT: I really ought to have mentioned the fact that all episodes of Cup Fever can be streamed directly from the SBS website too. Terribly remiss of me.

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