Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Three of a Kind #106

I'm really enjoying Caroline's Radio, the new single - and homage to the famous pirate radio station of the 60s - from Scots popsters Bubblegum Lemonade; not just because it's a very good song in its own right but also because it's reminded me of, and provided me with the perfect excuse to dig out, a couple of my favourite songs on a similar theme i.e. My Radio Sounds Different in the Dark by fab early-90s Irish combo The Would Be's (sic) and On The Radio by Sweden's own Concretes. Sometimes these things just fall into your lap.

The Would Be's - My Radio Sounds Different in the Dark mp3

The Concretes - On The Radio m4a

Bubblegum Lemonade - Caroline's Radio mp3 (right click)

You can order the full three-track Caroline's Radio EP from the Matinée Recordings website

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