Saturday, 17 July 2010

My favourite wastes of time

It's the eighties-inspired promo vid for the latest single from melodic Swedes Elias & The Wizzkids, shot in glorious VHS-Vision. I bloody love this band!

In the interests of shameless namedropping I'd like to point out here that Elias himself - owner of the finest moustache in contemporary pop - once signed our guestbook. Aren't we great?! (Oh.)

Buy Elias & The Wizzkids stuff

Sorry, but I simply cannot let this entry pass without linking to this, possibly the greatest summery pop hit & video combination recorded by any sibling of any former member of Simple Minds ever. You know you love it really!

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Spike said...

Eighties! Eighties! Eighties!

(It's great, though)