Thursday, 12 August 2010

Free download single from Shrag

Where It's At Is Where You Are are giving away the frankly rather wondrous new Shrag single Tights In August as a free download until the end of, erm, August (funnily enough). I heard this for the first time on Gideon Coe's 6 Music show earlier tonight and loved it from the second it came on.

WIAIWYA describe it as "EDWYN COLLINS and CLARE GROGAN fronting CAMERA OBSCURA" but it sounds more like Miki Berenyi duetting with Edwyn in a revamped Bis to me. Still, brilliant whichever way you look at it.

Download Tights In August here and see if I'm not right!

Shrag's second full-length album Life! Death! Prizes! (due for release on October 4th) can be pre-ordered here.


Spike said...

I've been enjoying this on my mp3 player over the past few days!

(I also enjoy their Christmas song 'Stop The Revelry'.)

Kippers said...

Oh, that was them as well was it? I remember that well from last year's A Very Cherry Christmas CD!

Brian McCloskey said...

I'm wearing tights in August, so I'm getting a big kick out of this song.

lito said...

I love it!!!


Rol said...

I've heard some Shrag I liked before, so I'll definitely be downloading this when I get home.