Thursday, 9 September 2010

Three of a Kind #107

It's always fun to stumble upon old indiepop compilations on your travels, and that's just what happened to me when I picked up a copy of the 1992 album Precious for a quid in a charity shop the other day. I'd not heard of this particular album before but, as you'll see from the track listing below, it's a decent enough representation of (mostly) mainstream (mostly) UK indie circa 1990 to '92. The Spaghetti Head song was the only one I'd never come across previously.

The album also possesses quite possibly the soppiest cover photo of any album I've ever seen, i.e. a small child with some puppies. Aww!/Pass the sickbag, mother (delete as applicable).

Anyway, as a sort of handy guide (albeit one of absolutely no use or interest to anyone but me), I've highlighted the tracks on this album that I'd already owned as (mostly) vinyl singles way back when; and, this being a Three of a Kind post and all, I've made my three favourite tracks available for download. Usual terms and conditions apply - i.e. get 'em while they're hot!

1 Inspiral Carpets - Dragging Me Down
2 The Charlatans - Weirdo
3 The Stone Roses - Fool's Gold
4 Ride - Twisterella
5 Suede - The Drowners
6 Primal Scream - Loaded
7 Blur - There's No Other Way
8 House of Love - Shine On
9 James - Sit Down
10 Jesus Jones - Real Real Real
11 The Shamen - Make It Mine
12 The Sugarcubes - Hit
13 Lush - For Love
14 Voice of the Beehive - Monsters and Angels
15 The Wonderstuff - The Size of a Cow
16 Pixies - Planet of Sound
17 Pale Saints - Kinky Love
18 Spaghetti Head - Glad
19 My Bloody Valentine - Soon
20 Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money

Lush - For Love mp3

Pale Saints - Kinky Love mp3

Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money mp3


menagers said...

Ooh, I'm surprised you didn't have The Stone Roses and Primal Scream! Wow, what a time warp that track listing has sent me on. Two weird points of note from Australia: Suede's The Drowners was regularly played before Grange Hill on our ABC's Afternoon Show (but I preferred Metal Mickey); and Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff's Dizzy spent an inordinate amount of weeks in our charts at #1, despite us never having any exposure to Mr. Reeves (tragically).

Kippers said...

Similarly, Big Pig and Nobby Doldrums spent ages at number 1 in the UK with their cover of Cliff Richard's Bachelor B- oh alright then, p'raps not!

But that really is weird. Were the Wonderstuff especially big down under (so to speak)? BTW, Miles Hunt ended up presenting 120 Minutes, MTV Europe's weekly indie music show, a few years later. I heard so much great music first on that; still miss it now. Actually he took over presenting duties on that from Paul King, erstwhile frontman of not-very-indie-at-all-actually King, who really was a strange fit for that show.

Any particular reason why The Drowners regularly preceded Grange Hill? (I could understand it for that episode where Jeremy Irvine drowned in the pool but that was strictly a one-off!)

Spike said...

Yay! I do love all the songs you've chosen, particularly Kinky Love. Did I ever put Nancy Sinatra's version up?

I have the sudden urge to dig out my Suede tape.

Kippers said...

You certainly did:

I can never remember what I've posted before now either. We've obviously been in this blogging game for far too long. (Well, some of us have!)

Rol said...

That should be the cover of a Jim Reeves album, not one featuring Daisy Chainsaw. Irony only goes so far.

Kippers said...

It's more than a tad incongruous, isn't it? Looks like the sort of pic that comes gratis when you buy a photo frame.

Artog said...

That is interesting Kippers – did you have an aversion to indie-dance tracks? Loaded, Fool’s Gold and Soon are the only ones I liked enough to buy out of that lot.

The only one we’ve got in common is Twisterella but to be honest I bought that by mistake – I thought I was buying Leave Them All Behind (in my defence I didn’t know the track names and they did release them very close together).

Kippers said...

Not an aversion as such; I think I was just a bit indifferent to a lot of the indie dance stuff around at the time. I did manage to hop on the Farm's Groovy Train though, at least (possibly I was swayed by the presence of Harry Cross in the promo vid).

spencer kurash said...

Believe it or not I actually bought this when it came out. FYI the Spaghetti head track although not to my knowledge a hit did receive some attention as it was the music used for a beer tv commercial (offhand I think it was Stones bitter but I'm willing to be corrected on that, hell it was 18 years ago after all)