Friday, 17 September 2010

Three of a Kind #108

One great song, three superior versions. But which is your favourite? I'll probably get lynched for this but I'm quite partial to the Tracey Ullman version myself. Probably only because that's the one I grew up with, mind. *dives for cover anyway*

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact (courtesy of Davy in this guestbook entry): Stiff Records overdubbed Tracey Ullman's vocal onto Kirsty MacColl's original backing track for this record. The hi-pitched 'Baby!' half way through is Kirsty (uncredited).

I love the Sweptaways and so should you, especially if all-girl Swedish A cappella choirs are your 'bag' (and I've no reason to suspect they wouldn't be). You can buy their entire back catalogue, including the superb albums Ooh Aah and last year's The Sweptaways Show, featuring guest vocals from Jens Lekman, Robyn, Asha Ali et al, from the Klicktrack shop. (The Sweptaways Christmas EPs featuring Marit Bergman and Magnus Carlsson are not to be missed either.)

The Sweptaways & Moneybrother - They Don't Know mp3


davy h said...

When I walked into the 'Fresher's Disco' - first week at Uni, big occasion, much excitement - it was the Ullman versh that was playing. For that reason, my deep, deep love for Kirsty nothwithstanding, it will always have a place in my heart.

davy h said...

'Notwithstanding' eh? Get me.

Word verif = 'conts'

dickvandyke said...

As I once said at (5 yrs ago gulp)

Young person's happenstance notwithstanding, yer talking bollocks. Kirsty's song. Baby!

davy h said...

Happenstance! Get him!

Word verif = 'squint'

Millie said...

I'm trying not to be a fence sitter.
so..Kirsty.. .Kir.nope...definitely Tracy.

it's been so long since I heard this..thank you :)

Artog said...

I picked up You Broke My Heart In 17 Places for 75p a while back and meant to post this song. You know you're getting on when she starts looking like a bit of a babe. Seeing that video though, my brother's first serious girlfriend was her spit and image.

dickvandyke said...

I miss Kirsty. For all the singer songwriters that have appeared in recent times, there's few women like her around.

Next week, we look at the best version of 'Days. In week 3, it's 'David Watts'.

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