Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Get your eardrums round this!

EardrumsPop is a net label run, unsurprisingly, by our friends from the Eardrums blog, which releases, among other things, unfailingly enjoyable and melodic free monthly download singles. The latest of these is by the ineffably ace Baffin Island - a collaboration between Idaho combo The Very Most and Glasgow's own Hermit Crabs. Tim from the Eardrums team explains where the band's name comes from along with a bit more about their sound:

"Baffin Island is the exact midpoint on the map between their homes in Boise and Glasgow and their musical style can also be seen as a midpoint between the two bands music: they combine the densely-layered indie pop of The Very Most with the more stripped down, thoughtful folky sound of The Hermit Crabs. The result is as sweet as you'd expect with healthy doses of Phil Spector, handclaps, delicate vocals, and lots and lots of reverb."

Sounds fab, eh? And it is. All three songs on the single are terrific, especially lead track You Invited Me. Listen to the soundcloud below and see if you concur!

If you like what you hear - and I'll be surprised, not to mention a little disappointed, if you don't - get yourself over to Eardrums and download the single for free. Best decision you'll make all week.


drew said...

This is the business Kippers, thanks.

Spike said...

Yay! Like both bands on their own. They're great together too. Really doesn't disappoint!

Xanthi said...

check out my last Sunday's post on the Very Most. they're super fantastic too :)