Friday, 7 January 2011

The Orange Juice

Hello again! I trust you had an at least bearable Christmas and New Year. Mine was so diverting I managed to forget I had a blog to run. Speaking of which, let's get this thing cranked into life again, shall we?

The Sweptaways returned last month with their own inimitable take on Oh My Darling Clementine "supported by" Swedish fruit juice purveyors Brämhults, who it seems have a tradition of getting different acts to interpret the song on their behalf at this time every year (well, they've done it for the past two years at least). Here is that Sweptaways version in its entirety. As you might expect, it's rather good.

The Sweptaways - Oh My Darling Clementine mp3


Millie said...

I had no idea what to expect but that really is rather good.
Thank you :0)

Kippers said...

Glad you liked it, Mills.