Wednesday, 16 February 2011

1991 (Spotify playlist #3)

With apologies to See See Rider, The Popguns, The Would Be's, Intastella, Curve, Bleach and Mega City Four - all of who would've made this list had the songs of theirs I was after been available - here's my playlist for the best bits of 1991; or at least the bits I liked the best. As ever, simply click on the Spotify link below to listen to the whole thing.

1 Easy Come Easy Go - Grant McLennan
2 Star Sign - Teenage Fanclub
3 Bed-In - Eugenius (Captain America)
4 Oh No Won't Do - Cud
5 Not Too Soon - Throwing Muses
6 Happy - Ned's Atomic Dustbin
7 Heaven Sent An Angel - Revolver
8 Vapour Trail - Ride
9 De-luxe - Lush
10 Suzanne - Moose
11 Mesmerise - Chapterhouse
12 Dreaming - The Lilac Time
13 Nothing Can Stop Us - Saint Etienne
14 It's Too Late - Quartz featuring Dina Carroll
15 Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
16 Get The Message - Electronic
17 Beautiful Love - Julian Cope
18 Take 5 - Northside
19 Sheriff Fatman - Carter USM
20 One Way - The Levellers
21 Texarkana - R.E.M.
22 Chocolate Cake - Crowded House
23 The King Is Half-Undressed - Jellyfish
24 Sensitize - That Petrol Emotion
25 Dalliance - The Wedding Present
26 Unfamiliar - Ride
27 You Made Me Realise - Midway Still
28 Love Your Money - Daisy Chainsaw
29 Rave Down - Swervedriver
30 Monsters & Angels - Voice of the Beehive
31 Kinky Love - Pale Saints
32 Falling On A Bruise - Carter USM

Click to listen to 1991 Spotify playlist

What do you reckon, have I made any glaring errors? Let me know! I'm guessing there might be some Manic Street Preachers and My Bloody Valentine fans who won't be overimpressed with their omissions, for a start. (Although, in mitigation, I have at least included a version of a MBV song!)


davyh said...

Wot, no Slowdive? ; )

dickvandyke said...

Wot no Chesney Hawkes!

I woulda suggested:

KLF - Justified n Ancient,
I Touch Myself - Divinyls,
Sit Down - James,
Those Were The Days Of Our Lives - for Freddie,
International Bright Young Thing - by er, somebody,
and I quite liked Curtis Stigers (who has since been imitated by The Kings Of Leon!)

Kippers said...

I was aware of Slowdive & Cranes at the time but just couldn't discern enough of a hook in their songs to ever really get sucked in.

Alas no Justified & Ancient (or Last Train To Traincentral) in the Spotify library. 'Sit Down' was bubbling under, as were 'Right Here, Right Now', 'There's No Other Way', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Sometimes I wonder about this self-imposed 32-track limit on my playlists, chaps, I really do.

Chesney forever!!

davyh said...

Catch The Breeze *was* 1991 pour moi.

Also - 'Screamadelica'

Spike said...

20 years old. Can't believe that!
Good choices, but.

Would agree with Dickie on KLF and Divinyls.

Rol said...

I recognise about half of those (though some of the others I'm intrigued enough to investigate further). The only one I'd scrap from the list is the Quartz feat. Dina Carroll - but only because it reminds me of the radio station I worked at in 91 (and still do, sadly) which played it constantly.