Saturday, 26 February 2011

More Swedish Indie Pop (Spotify playlist #4)

It seems that there'd been a slight glitch with my previous Spotify playlists (I'd not enabled some "Social" function button) which meant that some people had been unable to access them; but I'm happy to report that this is all fixed now. Anyway, given that the original Swedish Indiepop playlist has been the most popular so far (four subscribers! Count 'em!) I've cobbled together a sequel of sorts. Or a second one, if you like. Hopefully this should scrub up fairly well also.


Spike said...


Good picks again, Kippers!

Kippers said...

Thanks Banks!

lito said...


I like this playlist very much, there are lots of great bands in Sweeden, I specially love Annika Norlin and her Hello Saferide and Sakert.


Kippers said...

Hi Lito! Thanks! We really love Annika Norlin here too.