Friday, 4 February 2011

A second helping of Swedes

As a postscript to my Swedish Spotify playlist from the other day, here are some additional songs that were omitted but really ought to have made the original list. Some of them weren't included because they weren't available from Spotify, while others missed out because, basically, I forgot all about them until later. Anyway, I'll try and keep the list of additions as brief as possible, but apologies if it goes on a bit - basically, there are far too many great Swedish songs to choose from!

Agent Simple - Make A Right At Jordfallsmotet mp3

Girlfrendo - Heartbreakers mp3

Ronderlin - Reflected mp3

Lucky Lucky Pigeons - Who Smells Marshmallows? mp3

Action Biker - ICA Lappis mp3

Special mention also to Freewheel's Starfriend, Tonight I Have To Leave It by Shout Out Louds, Airport by Like Honey, We're From Barcelona by I'm From Barcelona, Peter, Bjorn & John's Young Folks, Eggstone's Water, 2006 by Hello Saferide, Let's Kill Cupid by Kissing Mirrors and scores of others that'll doubtless come to me about five seconds after I submit this post!


Spike said...

Love that Marit & Titiyo song and video! Live version here:

Plus you forgot Maia Hirasawa (also cracking video):


Kippers said...

You're right, I forgot Maia Hirasawa. And Honey Is Cool. And Cloudberry Jam. And Cloetta Paris etc etc! Argghhh!

*starts planning yet another Best of Swedish pop playlist*