Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shirley you can't be serious

Spearmint frontman Shirley Lee has unleashed a new solo album on the world. Recorded entirely on his own at home, Winter Spring Summer Autumn - a double album no less - represents, from what (admittedly little) I've heard so far, quite a departure from the Spearmint sound. For example, Maidenhead (mp3 included below) is sparse, introspective and full of existential angst - and about as far removed from the joyous sounds of Sweeping The Nation and Scottish Pop as you could possibly get. It's good in its own right - but just very, very different.

Shirley Lee - Maidenhead mp3

Few people can match Shirley when it comes to a tribute song. Or a list song for that matter. An Old Cricketer (For John Peel) is a first class example of both. The video features more classic album sleeves than you can shake a stick at too, so definitely one for the vinyl junkies among you (i.e. pretty much everyone reading this).

Winter Spring Summer Autumn is out now. Buy it here

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