Friday, 10 June 2011

Song of the Day

I don't know an awful lot about Fra Lippo Lippi, other than they were Norwegian, took their name from a Robert Browning poem about Italian renaissance painter Fra Filippo Lippi ('Fra' meaning Father) and released the following stonkingly good single in 1986. Shouldn't Have to be Like That gained a reasonable amount of airplay in the UK (it must have done for the schoolboy me to have been aware of it) yet failed to make any impression on the top 75. Which is a shame, as it's something of a neglected classic.

Fra Lippo Lippi - Shouldn't Have to be Like That mp3


adam said...

If the singer and the woman had been cast in a sci-fi film as aliens working on a plan to take over the earth, nobody would have complained about the casting.

I've been trying to get straight a gideon coe story from that post a few days ago but I'm still working on it.

Kippers said...

It hadn't struck me before but I think you're right - they're a pair of 80s sci-fi aliens!

Will look forward to that Gideon Coe story materialising.