Monday, 27 June 2011

Three of a Kind #113

At the time of typing there are still a few hours of the UK's mini heatwave to go*, so if I hurry I might just get this Swedish summer-related Three of a Kind out there before winter sets in.

Popsicle - Summer (Weekend Remix) mp3

Hello Saferide - I Thought You Said Summer is Going to Take the Pain Away mp3

The Wilson Hospital - Midsummer's Ball mp3

*That's except for viewers in Scotland. And Northern Ireland.

In other news, goodness me but the BBC's TV coverage of Glastonbury was poor this year, wouldn't you say? A rare, albeit unintentional highlight for me was the following, extremely awkward exchange between presenters Lauren Laverne and Zane Lowe after Beyonce's set on the main stage last night. If you're a twitterer you'll doubtless have seen or heard all about this already, but it merits another mention here regardless as it is genuine car crash TV gold. Gets funnier the more you watch it, too.

Wouldn't have happened on John Peel's watch!

My one concern in all of this is, now that this pair have stuffed it up, Fearne and Reggie are probably next in line. Be afraid...

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corbypunk said...

at least zanes honest and says he was at queens of the stone age. they both know its bollocks they`re talking. john would have just said to the producer " do the close after beyonce - i don`t think i will actually"