Sunday, 31 July 2011

The 15 Movie Questions Meme

Stolen from Sunset Over Slawit, who stole it from Sunday Stealing who stole it from someone else, I dare say. I hope we're all very proud of ourselves.

1. Movie you love with a passion.

Gregory's Girl. "Don't touch that ravioli - it's gar-bidge!"

2. Movie you vow to never watch.

A Clockwork Orange. I'm aware of the eyelids/matchsticks scene and would find it a bit of a tough ask to sit through, if I'm honest.

3. Movie that literally left you speechless.

Paths of Glory. Early Kubrick (him again) anti-war classic with Kirk Douglas. Have you seen it? It left me reeling (oh, er, and speechless, obv).

4. Movie you always recommend.

Office Space. Fantastic comedy about the futility and soul-destroying monotony of office life - two years before The Office. Originally recommended to me by young Spike of this parish too.

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.

Michael J Fox. He's one of those rare talents with the ability to make anything he appears in, at least 50% more enjoyable than it would be with most other actors in the role.

6. Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for.

David Cameron. Right, voters?

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet.

Audrey Hepburn. I used to have a huge crush on her, till I found out she was forty-odd years older than me, and dead. She lit up the screen though.

8. Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen. (Picture required)

9. Dream cast.

James Stewart, Bob Hoskins, Katharine Hepburn and Bill Murray.

10. Favorite actor pairing.

Fred Willard and whoever it was that sat alongside him during the judging bits of Best In Show. I've seldom laughed so hard.

11. Favorite movie setting.

Local Hero. Somewhere on the west coast of Scotland with a gorgeous landscape and a fantastic view of the northern lights.

12. Favorite decade for movies.

When I was young: the 80s. Now: I'm quite partial to the 50s.

13. Chick flick or action movie?

Action movie. I'm a boy.

14. Hero, villain or anti-hero?

I'm holding out for an anti-hero.

15. Black and white or color?

Black and white, mostly.

Tsk! I dunno about 'meme', readers. 'Mememe' more like.

Frida Hyvönen - Dirty Dancing mp3


Spike said...

"I used to have a huge crush on her, till I found out she was forty-odd years older than me, and dead."

You're so fickle!

Kippers said...

No I'm not!

Yes I am!


Rol said...

God, just imagine James Stewart and Bill Murray on screen together...