Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pat's the way I like it

I'd been listening a lot to the Very Most of late, and thinking how fab they were, when I finally remembered to check the TMAP email account (it'd been a while) - and what should I find in the inbox, but an email from Mr Very Most himself, Jeremy Jensen, telling us all about the band's latest five-track EP, Patricia. And, true to form, it's an absolute gem. Here's the promo vid for the title track.

Other songs on the EP include the brief-but-brill Gleaming The Gleam, a sweet Jonathan Richman tribute called, unsurprisingly, Jonathan Richman, and two fantastic female-sung versions of the Pixies' classic Here Comes Your Man. And all this can be yours - yes, yours! - for a mere $1.50 from here (for the mp3 version) or for $5 from here (for the vinyl version). Can't be bad.

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