Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Shill loves you yeah yeah yeah

Hilarious piece of advertising dressed up as an interview with the Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero in the Guardian today. In the picture accompanying the article Aguero is decked out in Puma sportswear (with logo to the fore) whilst kissing a conspicuously (some would say hideously) bright green pair of Puma football boots. There follows an interview ostensibly about his team's debut appearance in the Champions League against Napoli on Wednesday night - but with the following hideously unsubtle piece of corporate shilling crowbarred in:

The only time Agüero sets his ball aside comes when he reaches for his new Puma boots – which he will wear for the first time against Napoli. Draping them around his neck, and clutching them happily, Agüero says: "If I could score a goal with these boots against Napoli it would be a great debut for me and City in the Champions League."

Pffffft! I wonder what the stipulations of that interview were? I realise that it's the way of the world nowadays that big stars will only agree to be interviewed if they (or their people) are allowed to dictate terms beforehand, but really, I'd expect better from the Grauniad.

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adam said...

Post match interview* - 'Shitty boots - I couldn't hit a barn door with them, and yet before I had them I couldn't stop getting hat-tricks! Makes you think"

* not really

Kippers said...

Now that's an interview I'd love to see.

dickvandyke said...

Just read that wonderful post on my 12 year old Philips monitor. It was given to me by my mate Martin -who now needs a bigger one since his stroke.

I'll gaze at it with pride. .. But it would be great if the integral speakers weren't completely fucked, it didn't hum like Bob Dylan's harmonica, oh and I didn't see the constant ghosting of Jonah's big fish bobbing about.

Kippers said...

Sounds great. Where can I buy one?