Sunday, 9 October 2011

Up Thee AHs!

Thee AHs are a bunch of Canadian teenagers who play a thoroughly agreeable brand of lo-fi pop. Just been listening to their 12-track album Nation and it is consistently very good indeed. In an age where we're constantly besieged with images of spoilt numpties warbling and emoting for all their worth on those ubiquitous yet completely unedifying TV talent contests, it's more refreshing than ever to hear a bunch of youngsters making music on their own terms and for the fun of it. Here they are with Nation lead track Onion in my Pocket.

Buy Thee AHs Nation LP for $5 as a download or $8 for the CD version at Bandcamp.

I discovered Thee AHs via Xanthi's perenially excellent songs for girls to sing blog, from where you can read this much more informative post about the band.


Spike said...

Love that! Love the video too.

Xanthi said...

noooo! wish i could be as eloquent as you...thanks for the mention. you're too kind :D