Friday, 17 February 2012

A light that never goes out

If only the British music press could stop wetting themselves over First Aid Kit for five minutes, they'd see that there are other Swedish artists worth getting excited about. None more so than the ridiculously talented Frida Hyvönen, who releases her third album, To the Soul, in April.

The first single from it is Terribly Dark, which perhaps doesn't quite match up to the quality of some of her previous songs musically, but as ever the lyrics are a cut above what you'd expect from yer typical modern-day popster, and unlike some others I could, and in fairness already have, mentioned, Frida never affects an American accent when she sings. What more could you ask for from The Swedish Kate Bush?


Rol said...

That's quite nice, but I still prefer the one First Aid Kit song I've heard. On the radio, not in the music press since I tend not to bother with their bollocks anymore.

Kippers said...

It's far from her strongest single. She's just moved from Secretly Canadian to Universal though so the pressure's obviously on to go for that mainstream hit. Try these for size though:

dickvandyke said...

A Swedish Kate Bush!
That'll be HEAVEN then?