Monday, 20 February 2012


During this evening's 6 o'clock bulletin, the weather presenter on Anglia Tonight promised us "T-shirt weather by the end of the week". With these words I can only surmise that she must have set herself some sort of Chris Packham-esque shoehorning-in-song-titles challenge, only with Lucksmiths tracks rather than those by The (not-Luck)Smiths.

Actually, thinking about some Lucksmiths song titles - Sunlight In A Jar, Cat In Sunshine, Weatherboard, Shine On Me, Friendless Summer, Warmer Corners, Spring A Leak, Good Light, Brr It's A Bit Nippy Out - this might just work!*

The Lucksmiths - T-Shirt Weather mp3

*if only it wasn't entirely implausible.


Spike said...

Maybe that's what Kaddy Lee Preston has been doing all these years, only we haven't realised...

"Not quite so roastie toastie around the coastie" - which band was that?!

That's one of my two favourite Lucksmiths songs. And it WAS t-shirt weather yesterday!

Kippers said...

If those horrible little phrases she uses were song lyrics, you really wouldn't want to hear the songs they spewed forth from!

Your other favourite Lucksmiths song would be.... Smokers In Love, mebbe?

Spike said...

Smokers In Love is in my top 3! The other one is Myopic Friends.

Kippers said...

Ah, it was a bit short-sighted of me not to get that! ;)