Saturday, 17 March 2012

Get Down Shep!

Big shout out to my homie Viv (@vividly on Twitter) for flagging this up: Pan's People and some adorable dogs get down to Gilbert O'Sullivan on the Christmas 1973 edition of Top of the Pops. Watch out for the camera-shy mutt in the middle taking the lyrics rather literally half a minute or so in!


vividly said...

Ah memories! :)

Spike said...

Hilarious! Have they glued those canines' bottoms to the seat or something?! (imagine Ollie)

Have you got a favourite dog there? I like the brown dog on the end who hangs his head a bit more with each wag of the lass in green's finger - genuinely thought he was being told off! Awww. (Also he looks justifiably perplexed at the dancing)

I wonder how many takes it took!

Kippers said...

I liked the big one on the end too. I get the feeling he was sort of the elder statesdog of the party, the ones the others looked up to. One bark from him and the whole shebang could have come down!

I know, Viv, it seems like only yesterday - or perhaps the day before - when we first saw it!

dickvandyke said...

I remember this well.
'Wrong on so many levels' said the gay RE Teacher (Father Wagstaffe)the following day at School.

The one with the long nose and shiny hair may have been freshly wormed.

Kippers said...