Friday, 10 August 2012

EPL Fantasy Football 2012/13

Hello all. Just to let you know, I've renewed the Group Of Death fantasy football league for the umpteenth season running over here. So whether you're a regular player or a complete fantasy football novice - join us!

The code to sign up to the Group of Death is: 103345-32472

See you there!


Mick said...

Can't wait. Last year I never really recovered from a disastrous 1st month. Also ended badly because I had three Spurs players and Demba Ba that I didn't dump quick enough. I did however have win the December league. That glass is half full!

dickvandyke said...

It's a bit Apathy Town 0-0 Inertia Rovers for me, I'm afraid. And having watched the GB fitba XI show themselves up in so many ways - compared with the rest of the Olympic Team, it will be difficult to forget the twat factor and just how much they get paid for acting the cunto.

Kippers said...

I'm sick of our footballers & all - which is why I'm not letting a single one of them join our league. Sorry, chaps, but that's just the way it is.

Bruce Hornsby's extremely welcome though. Hi, Bruce, if you're reading this!!

dickvandyke said...

In that case, my team will be a whole new Range .. led by princess jessica, with victoria pendleton, laura robson, cockney judo girl, claire balding, her in the canoe with the shoulders (who used to always come second), a unique working class Dressage type, the smiley boxer lass from the rough part of Leeds, Dolphin woman, Trotty, and the well-vetted Saudi token-gesture bird in the 6 layers of baggy clothing.

Kippers said...

Sounds like quite a line-up!

Twenty teams and counting in the GoD so far. *crap Bob Geldof impersonation* But we need more! Give us your fooking teams!

Breadman said...

Jack Of Ball Trades, as ever, signed up.

dickvandyke said...

Eclectic mix of overpaid, over-tattooed, under-achieving, gob-shite petulants now submitted ... as 'Sweet FA'.

Ah .. the beautiful game.

Kippers said...

Great stuff chaps. Good to have ye aboard! I'm managing a new team this season: Dinamo Shieldinch. We've just come over from the Russian-Scottish league.

dickvandyke said...

Good start for me on the eve of the (shirt sleeve order) new season Kips ...

Captain Dempsey's only gone and got a monk on and taken his ball home.

Ferdinand's just forked out for the most expensive choc ice in history.

Van Persie's now living his boyhood dream and earning £200,000 per week. Sorry, I meant playing for Man Utd.

Song's going for one.

Muamba has pulled the plug on his playing career.

Saha - 'R.A. He's deserted the toffees'.

I'd Hazard a guess at Gerrards Cross to Crouch End.

Fortunately, I have Jess Ennis playing in the hole; with Beth Tweddle and Dolphin Girl at the back scaring the opposition.

In other news .. there's gonna be a steamy Pussy Riot at the Ecuadorian Embassy, and you're not allowed to give permission for someone to top you if you're unable to do it yourself.

Kippers said...

Ha ha! Phew, it's all a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts, isn't it? Marvellous.

I tell you what though Dickie. I'm fuming at the boy van Persie. Fuming. I could have understood it if he'd fucked off to Milan or Paris, but Manchester? United? Bloody quisling. They're welcome to him. I wouldn't 'ave 'im in the 'ouse.