Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Short story

Highbrow text conversation between me and Spike this morning:

Spike: "How often do you see genuine midgets? I've seen two today already. TWO!!"

Me: "Oh yes you have! (Must be panto season)"

Spike: "Maybe that's it - exotic panto actors from out of the area. What's our panto this year?"

Me (Googling it): "...Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs!"

Spike: "That explains everything!"

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Little Boys in the Ghetto mp3


dickvandyke said...

What's a 'genuine midget'?

Any road, you'll never believe this, but on the commute this morning I saw this bloke with a black cat. He had a knotted spotted hanky on a stick and said he was getting off at Kings Cross.

Kippers said...

You lying get!

He's behind you!

A genuine midget is the polar opposite of an ersatz elf. Obviously.