Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fantasy Football 2013/14

With the start of the English Premier League football season just days away there's never been a better time to get your squad picked for 2013/14 Fantasy Football. Our Group of Death league looks as if it's proving as popular as ever but we always welcome new members so if you've not signed up yet - join us! It's completely free.

The code to sign up to the Group of Death is: 329745-86055

See you there!


Martin said...

Happy days. My team, Jack of Ball Trades has taken its position of mid-table obscurity in The Group Of Death.

Kippers said...

I'm trying to get some oil-rich middle-eastern billionaires interested in investing in my team. I know I could really achieve things with a budget ten times the size of everyone else's!

Kippers said...

I'd even be prepared to change my team name from Corner Gas to Arab Oil.

dickvandyke said...

Hello Kips! How are you matey.
You seen what's appnin with Farnborough FC! Fly-be-night PR men perpetuating the idea that all Irish are daft - as they had nothing else to do in the pub but come up with the most outrageous ideas in which to 'invest' their massive Bookie profits.

Mind you, probably slightly less dangerous in the longer term than the fateful words 'a Middle East Consortium'!

My Fantasy team had a storming 2nd half to the last season. I found it helps if a) you pay attention and b) you don't totally avoid those petulant tosser players just because you don't like them - as invariably they score lots of points!

And in 150 years, has there ever been less interest in an Eng v Sco match

Kippers said...

Wise words, Dicky, wise words! Just been reading up on that Farnborough story. Truly bizarre. As if that bookie needs any more publicity. I dunno. Bookmakers and casinos are sponsoring half the teams in the land and now we've got the 'Sky Bet' football league. Slippery slope.

Yes, you do have to cast petty (and more often throroughly justified) grievances with prima donna players aside when picking yer fantasy team! Oh, the conflicting emotions though when you're willing some arrogant toerag you despise to get a goal or a few assists!

I think there's more interest in the England Scotland game north of the border at the moment. Local rivalries aside, though, in terms of global sporting significance it has all the importance of a Test match between Zimbabwe and New Zealand.