Tuesday, 6 August 2013


If you've ever wanted to watch some live music with an audience comprised entirely of indifferent horses, here's your chance. Oh yes, that Frida Hyvönen's in a field of her own.


Ross said...

I'm trying to find out the name of a song, and I thought you might be able to help me. I'm guessing it's from the early 80's, because I heard it on a compilation CD along with the Hall and Oates song, "You Make My Dreams." The song features a lot of multi-part harmony, but it's not by Buck's Fizz, and it goes for over 4 minutes, if not longer.

Kippers said...

It's not ringing any bells with me I'm afraid. I'll be interested to know what it is, though, if you do manage to find out. Good luck!