Sunday, 18 August 2013

Monkeeing around

My top eight Monkees songs, in no particular order, that weren't UK top 40 hits:

1) The Girl I Left Behind Me

Gorgeous, heartfelt ballad from young Davy.

2) Listen To The Band

Being a huge teen sensation created, of course, by The Man, The Monkees had some of the best songwriters on the planet at their disposal - but they also had someone in their own ranks - Mike Nesmith - who could write a killer tune himself. Listen to the Band is one such number.

3) Gonna Buy Me A Dog

Essentially Mickey and Davy arsing about and ad-libbing over the prospect of purchasing a pooch, for two minutes. Pure, unmitigated fun.

4) Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)

Davy's got a dilemma; he loves two women and can't choose between them. This alternate version is made even better by Peter's voiceover man-style narration during the instrumental bits.

5) Shades of Gray

Lovely, existential ballad. One verse apiece from Peter and Davy. The only way this song could've been improved upon would be if the other two had chipped in with verses too. But it's fantastic enough as it is.

6) Someday Man

A double-A side with Listen to the Band. Two great songs, number 47 in the UK charts. Go figure. Sort of like a sanguine alternative to Shades of Gray. Co-written by Paul Williams of Bugsy Malone soundtrack fame.

7) Your Auntie Grizelda

Peter takes the lead on this hugely enjoyable bunkum. Nice clip too. The TV series may not have aged especially well but the music certainly has - and these clips are just the ticket. Make you want to re-watch the series as well; but, if you're over 12, don't do it!

8) Tapioca Tundra

Mike Nesmith's greatest composition? Works for me!


Rol said...

Some great choices, some I'd never heard before. I'm surprised #2 and 4 weren't hits.

Kippers said...

I'm not sure if #4 was ever released as a single. Could have easily been a single though for sure.