Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wee rule

Loved this quote from Michael Vaughan re the England cricket team's latest faux pas (some of the players urinated on the wicket under cover of darkness as they drunkenly celebrated their Ashes series victory on Sunday evening):

"People will start judging them by what they do off the pitch instead of the way they play on it."

To be fair, people are judging them precisely by what they did on the pitch in this instance.

The Chefs - I'll Go Too (John Peel Session) mp3


drew h said...

Slightly off topic, well totally if I'm honest. they shut One step brighter down a while back It's reappeared in 2 guises to confuse not only me but the rest of the Belfast population.
On blogger it's called Same Song and can be found here

and as One step brighter here

My head hurts!

Kippers said...

Thanks, Drew - bookmarks duly updated!