Sunday, 15 December 2013

People - Persson!

Look who's back! Nina Persson! Animal Heart is the title of her new single - and it's genuinely fantastic. How I've missed those distinctive tones. Ace promo video too, all done in the one take; see her stoically soldier on despite trying and failing to get her arm in a sleeve right near the end. The show must go on!

Animal Heart will be followed by an album of the same name in January 2014 which, if the single is anything to go by, should be well worth forking out for. You can pre-order the album - and get a signed copy! - here.


Spike said...

Yes! I would quite like a small troupe of dancers to follow me around, prancily.

Also, I probably misheard, but.."my heart is pounding like a KitKat"?!

Kippers said...

Ha ha!

"I'm your private prancer, a prancer for money and any old music will do."

I do worry about her constantly crossing busy road junctions blind, mind. What sort of message is that sending out to the young folk?

Spike said...

Actually that was what impressed me most - how hard must it be to suppress years' worth of instinct to glance in both directions before you cross the road, and she does it with barely a flicker of her eyeballs!

Kippers said...

Indeed. I just hope Dave Prowse doesn't find out about this!

Rol said...

Good to hear / see. I will definitely be saving up my pennies for that rather than buying people Christmas presents.

Kippers said...

Quite right too!