Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hole In My Shoe

It's easy to forget that The Young Ones was so popular in the early-mid 1980s that this novelty tosh from Nigel Planer AKA Neil spent three weeks at number 2 in the UK pop 40 in the summer of '84. It was only kept off the top spot by Frankie's Two Tribes which was in the middle of its six-year stay at number 1. Anyway, this clip of 'Neil' performing the song on Top of the Pops is ace for two reasons: 1) It's introduced by John Peel and 2) Because Planer throws in some decent ad-libs. ("Listen to the lyrics, Paul Weller!")

(I almost did a Young Ones Three of a Kind here including their Comic Relief version of Living Doll with Cliff Richard, and Alexei Sayle's Ullo John Got A New Motor but the latter is too risible even for this blog!)


Martin said...

"I might even meet Lulu!"


Kippers said...

Today suddenly got a lot worse, eh? Still can't quite believe Rik's gone.