Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Don't Watch That - Watch This!

One Step Beyond, the debut album from Madness, is thirty-five years old. 35 years! How did this happen?! I was in the Madness Information Service as a nipper, you know. Used to get a 'Nutty Boys' magazine, amongst other things I've now forgotten (a letter? A pen? Some badges? A certificate of membership?), dropping through the letter box four times a year. Have I kept any of these pop artefacts, though? Have I bugger.

Ah well, there's always the digitally remastered 35th Anniversary edition of One Step Beyond to sustain me - complete with two songs that have never been released before and a bonus Fab Toones CD of recently unearthed 1979 rehearsal footage. If you click on this link and enter your email address in the box within you'll receive two free songs that didn't fit on the Fab Toones CD, too. Can't be bad.

While you wait for the album to turn up, here's some classical music to tide you over.


Artog said...

Eek! The first LP I bought. Though to be honest Madness seemed a bit ancient even by the end of the eighties. When the inevitable shoegazing documentary comes out and everyone in it seems likes a Pathe broadcast, then I'll really feel old.

Kippers said...

Yes, that day can't be too far off! There are already bands named after Ride & Lush songs - Sennen & Thought Forms (I'm guessing that's where they took their names from anyway).