Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Here's a new playlist of some - all right, most - of my favourite Swedish songs from seven years of this blog. I've put together similar ones on Spotify in the past but, taking a leaf out of Xanthi's book, I've now switched to 8 tracks. Whereas with Spotify you're limited slightly by the fact that i) you can only use tracks that are available in Spotify's own library, and ii) not everyone has a Spotify account - with 8 tracks you can include any track on your computer in your playlist. Infinitely preferable.

Anyway, boring waffle over. Hope you like the mix. I can't say it's a definitive list of favourites as I forgot to include any Jens Lekman, for starters; or the 'Puck' version of Carnival by the Cardigans; or any of The Sweptaways' Christmas singles. But it's close!

1 Will You Love Me In The Morning? - Acid House Kings featuring Magnus Carlson

2 Rise & Shine - The Cardigans

3 Pamplona - Pelle Carlberg

4 Trumpets & Violins - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

5 Cry No More Tears - Sweet Chariots

6 Make A Right At Jordfallsmotet - Agent Simple

7 Segerns Sötma - Lustans Lakejer

8 On The Radio - The Concretes

9 Arjeplog - Hello Saferide

10 Once I Was A Serene Teenage Child - Frida Hyvönen

11 Summer Of Speed - Andreas Mattsson

12 Starfriend - Freewheel

13 Histrionics - Popsicle

14 Never Killed Anyone - The Wannadies

15 My Cousin The Psychopath - Waterbug

16 At School - Brainpool

17 This Is The Year - Marit Bergman

18 Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward - The Sweptaways

19 Hitten - Those Dancing Days

20 London - Frida Hyvönen

21 Whims and Fancies - Kissing Mirrors

22 Cup Noodle Song - Pineforest Crunch

23 All I Want Is What I Had - Sweet Chariots

24 I Was Definitely Made For These Times - Hello Saferide

25 Rent A Wreck - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

26 And I Found This Boy - Maia Hirasawa

27 Shiver Gone - Popundret

28 Young & Hairy - Elias & The Wizzkids

29 Somebody Has To Be Me - Mutts

30 Tee Vee Star - Action Biker

31 Teenager - The Drowners

32 Missing You - Club 8

33 Ten - Popsicle

34 If You Were Here - Kent

35 It Only Takes A Flashlight To Create A Monster - The Bear Quartet

36 One Nation Under A Gloom - Swissair

37 Reflected - Ronderlin

38 Maneater - Nixon and Action Biker

39 Water - Eggstone

40 Love Is Dead - The Wannadies


Songs for Girls said...

thanks for the mention! remember when you were posting spotify playlists and i couldn't play them cos it hadn't been available in Greece? it was so frustrating. i like to use both these days, depending on how many artists i can find on spotify. there are so many favourites on this mix! there's no Girlfriendo though :p maybe next time!

Kippers said...

Ahh, Girlfrendo - there's another one! Yes, the fact that Spotify was only available in certain countries for a while didn't help either. Whichever way you look at it, 8 Tracks is an improvement!

Spike said...

Bloody hell! I came to comment with the sole purpose of mentioning Girlfrendo! I never knew I was part of a hive mind.

Ace mix, though!

Kippers said...

I will clearly have to do a Girlfrendo mix one of these days! ;)

John Medd said...

Let me tell you about Sweden: only country where the clouds are interesting.