Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide

Can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to discover that there's a brand new Hello Saferide album - and it's out now! The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide is Annika Norlin's first new release for six years under the Hello Saferide banner - an awful long time in anyone's book - but thank goodness the wait is finally over. I wasn't even sure if Annika was still interested in making music, to be honest, but thank goodness she is, as she's one of the finest lyricists around and few have the ear for a tune that she possesses.

The standout track for me on first listen is The Crawler, which chronicles the joys and sorrows of using a community swimming pool - the titular character being a selfish git who spoils the harmony and orderliness of the twenty regular swimmers by jumping in the middle lane, flailing his arms about - literally and metaphorically making waves - and generally ruining the experience for everyone else. In the end his exasperated co-swimmers encircle him, hold his face under the water and "wait for the waves to slow down". How could you not love a song like this?

Hello Saferide - The Crawler

It took a little while to find anywhere that was selling the album, but in the end iTunes came up trumps and I downloaded it from there. Best £7.99 I've spent all month.

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