Friday, 24 May 2013

Nord & Syd

Purveyors of gorgeous, ethereal indie pop, Sweden's Nord & Syd released their debut LP Som en människa on 13th March, and every track is a winner. I really cannot recommend this album highly enough. The lyrics are all in Swedish but there's a translation here for non-native speakers; the album is about death, love and alienation. (Three of my favourite things!) Here's the video for debut single Inte idag (Not Today):

The song is their own composition but to see how others interpreted it they asked four other singer-songwriters - Mattias Alkberg, Ulf Stureson, Johan Borgert and Annika Norlin - to record versions of it without having heard the original song beforehand. The results are on Nord & Syd's website but obviously I can't resist putting Annika Norlin's version up here, what with being a massive fanboy and all.

Here's another single - my favourite - from the album, Min Arm. This song is, quite simply, irresistible!

Buy Som en människa on CD here or download the mp3 album here