Friday, 31 January 2014

Hancock's Half Minute

In this classic clip from The Rebel, Tony Hancock sticks it to The Man. The man in this case being John Le Mesurier.

Which reminds me of this iconoclastic Spotify playlist some bright spark put together a while back. *cough*

Daryll-Ann Again

The reformation of Dutch maestros Daryll-Ann has been a huge cause of celebration round these parts this winter. The band are back playing gigs together and with a comprehensive anthology box set, Daryll-Ann Again, on sale, covering their entire recorded output from 1988-2004 plus loads of previously unreleased demos and outtakes. They are still sounding absolutely magnificent as well. If there's a better live band out there I've yet to hear them. Cop a load of these recent performances!

And this was them twenty years ago in the promo video for Stay, which I'd never seen before until Excelsior Records stuck it up on YouTube a couple of months ago. Unearthed treasure.

Buy the Daryll-Ann Again Box Set here

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Song of the Day

In the spirit of this song, I can't be arsed to write much here. Just enjoy.