Saturday, 22 September 2007

Now everyone knows my radio sounds different in the dark

Not to be confused with Jessica Griffin's would-be-goods, The Would Be's were an Irish indiepop band active between 1989 and 1991 (although, according to their profile on Last FM, they reformed in 2000). Band members were Paul, Mattie and Eamonn Finnegan, Pascal Smith, Aidan O'Reilly and lead vocalist Eileen Gogan, who'd taken over when original singer Julie McDonnell left the band shortly after their debut single reached #12 in John Peel's Festive Fifty - which seems to be becoming a bit of a recurring theme for this week's blog entrants!). Now, while their grammar might not always have been the best, The Would Be's didn't half write some good tunes.

I only own one solitary Would Be's record - The Wonderful EP - but it does contain a genuinely great pop song in the trombone-tastic My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark. This could and should have been one of the big hits of 1991, but aside from Gary Crowley and the aforementioned Peel, who both championed the band on their respective shows, it received pitifully little radio airplay - in the dark or otherwise. (Oh the irony!) Eileen Gogan is providing vox on this one, by the way.

The Would Be's - My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark mp3 (left click)


Spike said...

What a cracking song! I'll be singing that all day.

Kippers said...

Great, isn't it? I stumbled across one of their old Peel sessions knocking around online earlier, too. Which was nice! ;)

Roque said...

one of my favourite bands from that time! :D I can surely share some more songs with you if you'd like!


Kippers said...

Roque, that would be great - thanks! I'd love to hear more of this band so any tracks you could send our way would be much appreciated! :)