Thursday, 20 September 2007

Three of a kind #9

There are some people who can just move from one band to the next, making everything brilliant. In this case we're talking about someone who started off in 1992 with Tiger Trap formed with her schoolfriend Angie Loy, along with Heather Dunn and Jen Bruan. Tiger Trap released a single, an EP and a full length album on K Records. The following song was on the Sour Grass EP.

Tiger Trap - Carrie's Song mp3 (left click, available for 7 days)

In 1994 after Tiger Trap disbanded she moved on to form well regarded twee band The Softies with Jen Sbragia (now of the All Girl Summer Fun Band).

The Softies

Their stripped down songs (almost entirely played on two electric guitars) and sweet harmonies won them many fans and influenced a large number of twee (and beyond) bands which have since formed. They released their debut album It's Love on K Records (if you don't own it yet, I cannot urge you strongly enough to rectify that as soon as humanly possibly). The song below is from that album.

The Softies - Fragile, Don't Crush mp3 (left click, available for 7 days)

The Softies released their last album, Holiday In Rhode Island, in 2000 but the lady in question had released a solo album, Portola, two years earlier. It took her eight years to get around to recording the follow up, Cast Away The Clouds, which is probably the best record of her career. You can buy Cast Away The Clouds and Portola here.

Tonight, Matthew, you have been listening to Rose Melberg.

Rose Melberg

From Cast away The Clouds:
Rose Melberg - Four Walls mp3 (left click, available for 7 days)

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