Thursday, 13 September 2007

So is Wincey Willis...

More novelty songs about former TV meteorologists, that's what this blog needs!

A Tribe Of Toffs - John Kettley Is A Weatherman mp3

Ten interesting facts about this song and its protaganists:

1) It was recorded by Sunderland's self-proclaimed top band of the time, A Tribe of Toffs. That's them in the picture below.

2) It was the only single to peak at #21 in the UK singles chart during Christmas 1988 that namechecked Johnny Marr and Bill Giles.

3) Despite officially retiring in 2004, Michael Fish, who (in)famously failed to predict the Great Storm of 1987 during a BBC1 forecast a few hours beforehand ("Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way... well, if you're watching, don't worry, there isn't!".), still occasionally does the weather forecasts on BBC South East Today, as holiday cover for the regular forecasters.

4) Big egos are, apparently, rampant among TV weatherpersons. In 1999 the Met Office launched a seven-month investigation following complaints that the then Head of BBC TV Weather Centre, Bill Giles, had bullied and intimidated colleagues.

5) Mark Burano and Eric Lane... Who they?

6) OK, so #5 was more of a question than a fact. But who were they, seriously?

7) Andy Crane does, in fact, have a brain.

8) Umm...

9) Wincey Willis now runs her own TV weatherperson sanctuary in the Mendips.

10) #9 may not be strictly true. (Come to think of it, I have my doubts about #7 as well.)


Laura said...

Hello! I'm Poisonheadache on Livejournal (or Laura in real life) and I love this blog. I always read and listen but I've never commented.

I had to comment on this post though. Either my Mum or Step-dad bought "John Kettley Is A Weatherman" when it came out and it went on every mix tape we made for the car. What a classic.

My Step-dad called me the other day to tell me that Andy Crane works on a local Manchester TV station, doing pretty much everything. Just after "John Kettley Is A Weatherman" we met Andy Crane in the street and my Step-dad embarassed me by talking to him. Turns out he likes the song, so maybe there is a hint of a brain there?

I've got no idea who Eric Lane or Mark Burano are. Even the internet doesn't know.

JC said...

The sad thing is....I popped in for a read. The mp3 leaped out at me...and the first thing that came into my head were the words..and so is Michael Fish.

I need help

Kippers said...

Don't worry, JC, you're among friends here. Go on, embrace your inner novelty-record-loving self! ;)

Hi Laura! Spike told me that you'd been keeping up with our posts but it's great to hear from you.

Blimey, embarrassing encounters in the street with Andy Crane, eh? I used to really like him when I was younger, mainly because of his stint doing the links between Grange Hill and Neighbours in the Broom Cupboard (that's except for viewers in Northern Ireland!), but the last time I saw him he was presenting on some cable shopping channel, about five years ago. Glad to hear that he's still getting some TV work anyway, albeit on local telly.

Spike said...

Oh what a classic! The nation needs to be exposed to this dangerously catchy song!

P.S. So is Ian McCaskill

Anonymous said...

Best band from Sunderland? The Golden Virgins. IMHO!

Comin back to topic, has anyone ever done a tribute to Heather The Weather?


Kippers said...

If they have they've kept it quiet!

Kenickie were another fine Sunderland band, of course.

Breadman said...

It doesn't help with Eric Lane or Mark Burano but this may be of interest...

I have this on 7", by the way - what a record.

8fishy said...

hey everyone

this is amazing

john kettley was on the 100 most annoying people list of 2007

can u possibly re-post this song or sum1 email it to

thanks a lot

Kippers said...

breadman - thanks!

8fishy - I don't have the song to hand at the minute, but I'll repost it for you in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

8fishy said...

Thanks so much!

8fishy said...

could you email me when you do.
thanks agen