Saturday, 15 September 2007

"You've broken the record, no-one even comes close"

The Hi-Life Companion
The Hi-Life Companion are a little bit vague about themselves. "At the last count there were at least seven people in, or contributing to the band. Members come and go. Some members don't even know they are members!" they say. Actually I think I might be one of those members who doesn't know, y'know. Send those royalties this way, chaps! However, they are certain that the Bristol-based band is loosely formed around brothers Matt and Jon Troy (Jon is also the drummer for Airport Girl). Also some of the band like beer and some of the band like chocolate (we have so much in common...).

Now here's what I know: I have now heard seven songs by The Hi-Life Companion and have liked them all. They're another one of those genderblender bands which mix male and female vocals so beautifully. Their laid-back sound lets the melodies and arrangements seep through you, until you wake up one morning humming their tunes and wondering if anyone has ever put them on record, because they damn well should, before realising that you can't claim the credit for the loveliness that's been echoing around your head.

Earlier this month, they released a three track single on Cloudberry Records, that bastion of good taste. Generously, they've made a track from that single available. Download it below (right click and save as).

The Hi-Life Companion - You're The Greatest mp3

You can listen to the other two tracks from that single plus one other on the Hi-Life Companion myspace page. (I think Night Comes Down is my personal favourite - trumpets and babababa-ing rarely leads to disappointment!) But you want to have them all to own and keep and play whenever you want, don't you? For a measly $5 as well!

Apparently an album, Say Yes!, is in the pipeline and this makes me very happy indeed. I'll be first in the queue to get hold of it. Until then, you can visit The Hi-Life Companion's website to find out the latest news.

Say yes to The Hi-Life Companion - you won't be sorry!

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