Monday, 17 September 2007

Three of a kind #8

Despite the fact that Channel 4 have now repeated it to within an inch of its life, Father Ted remains, I think it's fair to say, one of the funniest things ever. If, say, I were to be locked up in a room for the rest of eternity (an unlikely turn of events, I know, but let's just go with it) with nothing to entertain me other than a boxset of the Craggy Island comedy, the chances are I'd still never tire of it (well, at least not until after the two millionth viewing or so).

Anyway, as you're no doubt aware, today marks a very special anniversary in the life of this great show. That's right, it's now been exactly 12 years, 4 months and 9 days (ish) since the very first episode of Father Ted originally aired. To commemorate this momentous day, today's three of a kind features a trio of songs associated with the show:

Ghost Town by The Specials - as featured in the series 2 episode Think Fast, Father Ted, in which forgetful priest DJ "The Spinmaster" only brings a solitary seven-inch single (ie this one) along to the disco he's compering.

The Specials - Ghost Town mp3 (left click)

Theme From 'Shaft' by Eddy and the Soul Band - as featured in the last ever episode, Going To America , in which Ted plays this upbeat classic (one of Mrs Doyle's boot sale finds) in a bid to cheer up Tommy Tiernan's suicidally depressive priest.

Eddy and the Soul Band - The Theme from 'Shaft' mp3

Songs of Love (the theme from Father Ted) by The Divine Comedy. This one's pretty self-explanatory really!

The Divine Comedy - Songs of Love mp3

Also, as a bonus, here's the video of Ted & Dougal's legendary Eurosong '96 entry, My Lovely Horse (or at least the way Dougal envisages it in his dream!).

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