Monday, 8 October 2007

Jocky Wilson said

Some songs are just so unbelievably great that mere words can't do them justice; even being featured in crappy television commercials for clothing companies years after the singer's death can't spoil them. Here is one such song.

Jackie Wilson - I Get The Sweetest Feeling mp3 (link now fixed)

(who knew a fat, Scottish darts player could make such sweet music?!)

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ally. said...

this is just faultless can't help but cheer you up brilliance .
it was hard not to get put off by that horrid reet petite plasticine thing though.

Kippers said...
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Kippers said...

Ooh yes, that was a horrible video, Reet Petite. That Morph's got a lot to answer for!

Colin said...

Hey now... so yes, he may have been a wee bit on the chunky side, but he was a fucking awesome darts player! As a wee boy I remember being taken by my Dad to see him play at some pub (in Fife?) or other - he was totally mortal but still hitting 180s and double 16s like Keith Talent never did... you are running a great blog by the way!