Monday, 15 October 2007

"Then you wake up, he wasn't there again"

Four years ago today was the day my dad died. During the time he was ill and in the couple of weeks following his death, I made myself a mixtape of the songs that I couldn't get out of my head, entitled 'When I Hold You Like Tomorrow You Might Die, It's Because You Might'.
The tracklisting is as follows:

American Music Club - Can You Help Me?
Annie Lennox - Cold
Tanya Donelly - Manna
Kathryn Williams - Beatles
Gemma Hayes - Gotta Low
Picture Center - Funcity
Hem - Sailor
Drugstore - I Don't Wanna Be Here Without You
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
Lisa Germano - Too Much Space
A Girl Called Eddy - The Soundtrack Of Your Life
Picture Center - Forever
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
The Wannadies - Skin
My Morning Jacket - Golden
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl
Belly - Someone To Die For
Mama Cass - He's A Runner
Sarah McLachlan - Gloomy Sunday
The Reindeer Section - Will You Please Be There For Me
Tom Waits - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

You can download the zipped folder of mp3s from here. (Left click to go to rapidshare.)

RJC: 2nd August 1950 - 15th October 2003

Me and my dad


Laura - Poisonheadache said...

What a wonderful mixtape. I know some of it ("Can You Help Me?" is one of my favourites) but not all. I'm downloading it now. I'll be thinking of you and your dad while I listen.

That picture you've posted is beautiful. It seems to sum up the huge amount of love you two shared.

Kippers said...

It is a wonderful picture. At the risk of repeating everything Laura just said, what a great mixtape too (even the dadrock!).

Hope you're OK xx

Crash Calloway said...

Thirding that emotion. Take care x

Spike said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

Need I emphasise that the dadrock was his and not mine? ;o)

ally. said...

gorgeous stuff young man. i love that first hem lp and this reminds me to dig it out again

Kippers said...

Psst! Spike's a girl, ally. :)