Wednesday, 17 October 2007

What if something's on TV and it's never shown again?

We've just added some band-related post ranks on our forum. Here's a list of what you can now get for your posting pound:

Total posts / Rank title

1 - 24 New Kid on the Block
25 - 49 / Musical Youth
50 - 99 / Arrested Development
100 - 249 / Mental As Anything
250 - 499 / The Real Thing
500 - 749 / Five Star
750 - 999 / Dr Feelgood
1000 - 1999 / The Specials
2000+ / Grandmaster Flash

Spike and me are both currently Mental As Anything. So no change there then.


Today's choice of tracks is an appropriate one, given all this talk of internet forums and the great indoors. From 1994, here are two very different versions of The Outdoor Type by Aussie indie combo Smudge. Which one's your favourite? (anyone who says the cover by The Lemonheads gets a Chinese burn!)

Smudge - The Outdoor Type (electric) mp3

Smudge - The Outdoor Type (acoustic) mp3

(songs available for 7 days)

Buy Smudge stuff here

Get working on your post rank here


Laura (Poisonheadache) said...

I saw the title and thought "Smudge"! I'm an acoustic girl myself.

I'm heading off to join your forum. :)

ally. said...

i didn't knew it was a cover. well i never.

Kippers said...

Thanks Laura! :) I think you'll like it over there. They're a really friendly bunch, and there's none of that cliqueyness rubbish you often get on 'net forums. Oh, and Spike's just designed us a fancy new logo!

Aye, ally, it is a cover - the Lemonheads version coming (I think) two or three years after the Smudge one. Tom Morgan from Smudge co-wrote a lot of the Lemonheads' stuff with Jill - I mean Evan Dando, though, so it's highly possible that the man Dando had a hand in the creation of this song too!

Spike said...

I have to say I think I prefer the electric version in this case but there's not a lot between them. It seems to be the kind of song that you just can't go wrong with (although I won't let that stop me trying!).

Kippers said...

I think I'd probably go for the electric version too. It's definitely a tough call though!