Wednesday, 7 November 2007

He's (not) in the army now

While his military qualifications may have been somewhat spurious, there's no doubt that Colonel Abrams earned his stripes as a bona fide pop star - albeit only for a short time. His one genuinely massive worldwide hit, Trapped, came out in the autumn of 1985 and made it all the way to #3 in the UK charts, at a time when such an achievement actually meant something, in terms of sales as well as kudos.

But yes, Trapped sounded superb to my young ears then, and still sounds just as great all these years later. One of the most enduring dancefloor smashes of the decade? I certainly think so. Colonel, sir, I salute you!

Colonel Abrams - Trapped mp3 (up for 7 days)

Buy The Best of Colonel Abrams here.


Laura said...

With these songs you are spoiling us!

I'm so happy you posted this. I loved it at the time (I was 7 and my mum was working in a really good record shop so I spent lots of time there and at home listening to music) but I haven't heard it in ages.

Also, the post on "The Brilliant Corners" was great. "Delilah Sands" is such a brilliant song.

Kippers said...

Cheers Laura - glad you enjoyed them!

Blimey, it must have been great to be able to spend so much time in a record shop at such a young age. Don't think I even went in to a proper one till I was about 15! (I'd got all my records from Woolworths, junk shops or jumble sales up until then.)