Monday, 5 November 2007

Three of a kind #18

A trio of cover versions by Swedish artists of other Swedish artists' songs today: all-female acapella choir The Sweptaways tackle El Perro Del Mar's Say;Acid House Kings reinterpret Loveninjas' Keep Your Love; and The Cardigans' Carnival is dramatically reworked by, umm, The Cardigans!

The Sweptaways - Say mp3

Acid House Kings - Keep Your Love mp3

The Cardigans - Carnival (Puck Version) mp3

In other news, Spike's modem's knackered so I'm afraid you're stuck with just me until she gets a new one. Come back soon, Spikey!

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Spike said...

I will! Oh, hello! The modem is having death throes and has let me on today. I've still asked for one that works all the time, though. Great entry - you're a more than adequate stand-in for me!

Kippers said...


I think "barely adequate"'s actually the phrase, but bless you all the same!